Gas to Liquids




The newest addition to our portfolio of modular processing units are Gas-To-Liquids plants. As gas producers struggle to keep up with increasing global demand, more companies are looking for a way to take advantage of gas from production flares and remote gas fields. Our modular Gas-To-Liquid plants offer a medium-cost way to transform these resources into valuable products.

Our technical partner's modular Gas-To-Liquid plants turn gas into liquid fuel. The plants typically produce 25 percent naphtha (further processed to give PMS) and 75 percent premium diesel with a minimum cetane of 70 and zero sulfur content.

Each modular Gas-To-Liquid unit is constructed of all new materials

in conjunction with our technical partners offer a full EPC service for the supply & installation of Modular GTL processes from 5MMSCFD to 20MMSCFD.

Our technical partners undertake all the modular construction at their vast fabrication facilities in Houston, USA.

undertakes all the Logistics & Construction activities within Nigeria. Commissioning & Operator Training is undertaken jointly within Nigeria