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is a Limited Liability Company, fully incorporated in Nigeria, as a subsidiery of a UK company, providing a range of products and services from various International companies who are desirous of marketing their products from Power Generation, Refining, GTL and LPG process plants within Nigeria.

utilises expertise from its ex-patriot management team to coordinate between customers and suppliers uniting for a successful outcome by acting as Consultants and Project Managers on the behalf of the client either through private or public funding.

specialises in providing Civil, Mechanical, Pipeline, Electrical and Instrumentation, Installation and Commissioning elements of the project from capable In-Country sub-contractors.

creates the successful link required to implement the import, logistics, preparation, installation, commissioning and operating of the associated plant.

 expertise is applied to mining of many types of solid minerals and the marine division is involved in dredging, canalisation, shore protection, erosion protection systems and pipeline crossings.

can also arrange funding for PPP based projects on a Build, Operate and Transfer basis or Build and Operate basis from a range of overseas investors.

 has an infrastructure division involved in general construction services such as roads, bridges, buildings, housing, water, power and drainage


Contact Information

                +234 (0) 803 969 3532
                +234 (0) 809 354 0951
                          +234 (0) 803 888 1730
                          +44   (0) 7711 709 852
Postal address

                          NIGERIA OFFICE - 3 Ahmadu Abubakar Close, Wuye, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

                                UK OFFICE - 1 Heron Hill, Aston, Sheffield, S26 2GF, UK

Electronic mail
                General Information: info@DAandC.com
                Sales Contact: sales@DAandC.com