is specialized in providing efficient and cost effective solutions to the West African Oil and Gas sector in the areas of Dredging, Shore Protection, Construction, Fabrication and Installation in Marine Environments.  

The Company has become a dependable vehicle through which International Service Companies gain access to market share in the region as well as an avenue for local manpower development and in-country capacity building.

 have executed many jobs for various Clients in the Nigerian Oil & Gas and Private/Government Sectors in Marine Services, Dredging, Shore Protection, Piling, Jetty Construction and Engineering.


The successful execution of these projects has earned the company a reputation as one of the front runners in the Marine, Engineering, Procurement and Construction industry. Behind this achievement are able Directors, Internationally experienced management team, Tested and trusted manpower and robust financial base.


We are into partnership/representation with a number of foreign manufacturing/support services companies, whose specialist experiences are brought to bear on that of the local nationals


was incorporated to act primarily to supply Engineering Services to the Oil and Gas and Petroleum Export Products sectors.

Over the years, the company’s horizon has expanded to capture Marine Engineering, Dredging, Shore Protection, Procurement, Construction, Fabrication and Installation in the Global Oil & Gas service Sector.

have specialist knowledge of Marine Engineering including Inspection, Surveys, Clearance, Dredging, Shore Protection, Jetty Construction, Canalization and Hydraulic Sand filling.

employs on permanent and contract basis a team of marine, environmental and civil engineers ,active experts in all the civil and marine related projects executed by the company. Were special expertise is considered necessary, then our foreign technical partners comes in and lay bear their expertise.

Marine Equipment & Operators.

owns a large selection of marine related equipment, dredges of various kinds, tugs work boats, survey boats, earth moving equipment, tools and survey equipment. This numerous equipments are operated by well trained, motivated and dedicated employees.


operate a workshop which handles the required mechanical works for any system, project or services handled by the Company.

offers a comprehensive range of marine construction and dredging engineering service though not limited as show below

·         Land Reclamation

·         Maintenance Dredging

·         Trench Dredging

·         Beach Replenishment and Coastal Protection

·         Sea and River Dredged Aggregates

·         Inland Water Ways

·         Dredge Sand to dump site

also offer Maritime allied services such as;  

·         Under water cutting and welding

·         Inspection and safety services

·         Vessel and off shore management

·         Oil Spillage 

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Comprehensive survey services including:


·         Pre and Post dredging survey (inclusive)

·         Survey of Inland water ways

·         Desk-top Studies

·         ROV video and photo survey

·         Location of hazardous materials and obstruction in the survey area

·         Geotechnical and geophysical studies in the survey area.

·         Bathymetric Survey

·         Side Scan Sonar survey

·         Sub bottom profiling survey

·         Under water pipe and cable burial assessments

·         Cable pipe route related survey

·         Oceanographic observations (salinity, temp etc )

·         Positioning of submarine vehicles

·         Positioning of towing and towed equipment

·         Positioning of coring equipment


Dredging Plant Available:- 

·         Tug boat (3 off)

·         500 ton Barges

·         Speed Boat

·         Various ancillary barges

·         Fuel Barge

·         Tug Boats

·         100 ton Crane

·         60 man House boat

·         Bucket Dredger (2 off)

·         Travelling Spud Carriage Barge

·         12” to 10” Dredger

·         14” to 14” Dredger

·         24” to 20” Dredger

·         26” to 24” Dredger (sea going)

·         Travelling Spud

·         Booster Station (2 off) various discharge pipes etc.

·         CAT excavators

·         D6 Dozers (2 off)

·         Various trucks and transportation. All equipment with full crew.



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