LPG plants




In Conjunction with Sep-Pro Ltd offer a full EPC service for the supply & installation of Modular LPG plants from 5MMSCFD with Bulk Storage and Automatic Bottling.

The LPG Filling Plant will commercially bottle Liquefied Petroleum Gas sourced from Processing Unit of a Gas Gathering Plant or a local Crude Oil Refinery, which will be bottled for domestic consumers. The LPG Filling Plant will have capacity to bottle a mix of 600-1,500 12.5kg, 15kg & 45kg cylinders per hour.


The Plant will come complete with 12-18 Heads Gas Filling Carousel, Piping System, Sprinkler System, Standby Power Generator, Chain Conveyor, Loading and Unloading Compressor Systems Gas Storage Tanks, Installation, Training & Start-up