Power Plants





Turnkey Power Plant Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

and our overseas technical partners design and build 'turnkey' power plants, including the provision of operations and maintenance services. Projects are offered with a complete Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) supervisory capability, and the management of all engineering disciples and construction trades (EPCM). We specialise in a modular plant design that enables plants to be built rapidly, fulfilling fast track project obligations. Our team has executed complete power plant projects in as little as six months from contract signing to commissioning.

The facility can be designed to utilise a variety of frame and/or aero-derivative gas turbine generator sets for simple or combined cycle operation. Alternatively, provisions for conversion to combined cycle operation at a later date can be built into the plant design. Additionally, we can install steam turbines from a variety of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).

and our overseas technical partners have experience installing gas turbine generators utilising a variety of fuel sources including natural gas, #2 Diesel, and alternate liquid fuels. All our Gas Turbines can also use flare gas as a source of fuel and can be used in flare reduction scenarios along with other flare reduction technologies such as GTL and reinjection.

We can also provide the following additional equipment:

·         Inlet Chilling Systems for greater combustion efficiency

·         Enhanced Air Emissions Control Technology including Dry Low. Emissions (DLE) / Dry Low NOx (DLN)  Combustion Systems or Water Injection

·         Combined Water Treatment Plants for Process and/or Human Consumption can also be incorporated into the overall plant supply.

All required balance of plant equipment and plant auxiliaries are included for reliable and safe production of electricity. All rotating equipment we supply includes appropriate enclosures where required for weather protection and noise containment.

can also provide professional site evaluations and studies to provide the prospective client with a comprehensive survey of plant needs and prevailing site condition. This survey can also include an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as required by most agencies before major projects can be undertaken.