offers turnkey EPC services for Design, Civil, Mechanical, Pipeline, Electrical and Instrumentation contracts.


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                                  MODULAR REFINERIES






The modularization of refining process units is an idea Ventech helped to pioneer over

twenty five years ago.  Ventech's  patented Diesel Production Units are ideal solutions

for remote land and offshore production sites.


In conjunction with Ventech Engineers International Corporation, Pasadena

USA offer a full EPC service for the supply & installation of  Modular  Refineries from 50

Barrels a day up to any required size.


Whilst Ventech undertake all the modular construction at their vast fabrication facilities

in  Pasadena, USA.  

  undertakes all the  Logistics &  Construction  activities within Nigeria.

Commissioning & Operator Training is undertaken jointly within  Nigeria


                                GAS TO LIQUIDS PROCESS


Transform waste gas and stranded gas reserves into revenue. The newest addition to

Ventech's portfolio of modular processing units are our gas-to-liquids plants.  As gas

producers  struggle to keep up with  increasing  global demand,  more companies are

looking for a way to take advantage of gas from production flares and remote gas fields.

Our modular gas-to-liquid plants offer a low-cost way to transform these resources into

valuable products.


Ventech's  modular  'gas-to-liquid'  plants turn gas into liquid fuel. The plants typically

produce  25 percent  naphtha and 75 percent  premium  diesel with a minimum cetane

of 70 and zero sulfur content.


Each modular  GTL  unit is constructed of all new materials and can typically be ready

for shipment in as little as14 months.